The Lowdown on Artist Brushes

I was searching for information on brushes to share on social and realized there isn’t NEARLY enough good information out there for people who are just getting into painting.

Whether you want to paint on canvas or fabric (or fabric canvas!), with oil or acrylic, the paintbrushes you choose make a difference. Maybe you want to paint on drywall, or with watercolor on paper. There are so many options!


Before I switched my major to Creative Writing, I studied fine art for three years. I participated in the art world both as an artist and as a model. By day I drew and drooled over perfect artist tools at the only big box supply store available to me in my small town. By night, I went to the small, but nationally known, artist conservatory where I’d “sit” for “real” artists using hand-stretched linen canvas, hand-mixed natural pigment oils, and beautiful horse hair artist brushes… all of which was definitely inaccessible to me and felt as if from another world.

I may have switched majors but art never left. And here I am, over 10 years later, talking about brushes. But y’all, I am NOT the expert on artist paintbrushes. I’ve included some links below so you can fall down the brush rabbit-hole should you so desire ❤️

  • Art is Fun : GREAT general info. about artist brushes of all kinds.

  • Bluprint : Perfect for peeps interested specifically in oil painting.

  • Fine Craft Guild : Umm, I LOVE this website, and they have tons of different DIY tutorials, resources, and general nerdery.

  • Cleanipedia : Once you use ‘em, you gotta clean ‘em. Here’s a guide!

Do you have a favorite paintbrush? Who made it? Why? Share your faves and projects below and we’ll feature on out Instagram Stories!