Top 5 Crafty DIY Websites

Crafty DIY Projects.

There are SO many places now to find awesome crafty DIY content but who has the time to search? This list is by no means ALL My faves (there are just too many to list!) but they’re ones I’ve found and learned from over the years. Whether you’re in it for a one-time crafty sesh, or you’re looking to deepen a skill, you’re sure to find something.

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Top 5 Crafty DIY Websites.


I’ll be real. I’m not a Free People person. I love the patterns, the lace, the bohemian rhapsody. But that just ain’t my style. I like lookin’ and touchin’ and ooing and aweing over ladies who KILL it with Free People fashions from the safety of my bedraggled button-ups and baggy coats. I AM a Bldg 25 gal, though. The content is awesome! Especially the DIY section.

DIYA BLDG 25 faves:


Martha. She’s been a part of almost all our lives for a very long time. The original DIY’er. The badass crafty mama to us all. I mean, crochet prison shawl? #hero. But seriously, I love that Martha’s site contains not just time-told traditional crafts, but modern crafty projects as well. Concrete vases? Case and point.


Ok, y’all, so (confession) I am not really a video person. I don’t own a TV and I’m just old enough beyond the YouTube generation that I never quite got into the flow of using it to search for content, BUT in the old days when everything was still on the TV, HGTV was my life. We didn’t have cable, but any time we went to visit a family member who had cable, I’d hole myself up and watch home reno and crafty how-to’s until my heart would almost explode. And now there’s an HGTV Handmade!? Still my heart.

DIYA HGTV Handmade Faves:


OMG, really, who doesn’t love Grace Bonney? Master curator, community-builder, taste-maker… damn! And the DIY activities are seriously swoon-worthy. Whether I’m scrolling the site or the Insta feed, I ALWAYS find new artists and designers whose work inspires mine.


Ok, because I’m a marketer by day I have to point out that this site is E-A-S-Y to use. So dang user-friendly. Content is clearly categorized and easily navigable and for a busy bee like myself, I got no time to waste on trying to understand a website’s organization. Wether you’re a foodie, world traveler, or newbie DIY’er, this site is for you!

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