Libacious Cocktail Service Add-on, 16-20 people


Libacious Cocktail Service Add-on, 16-20 people


Imagine how much fun a DIY workshop would be if you had your very own private cocktail service as well!? Libacious will join us for the duration of the workshop to mix and serve delicious cocktails and lovely infused water.

Libacious provides:

  • 2 hours of service

  • Glassware, tools, mixers, garnishes, ice, etc.

  • 2 craft cocktails per person

  • Handcrafted infused water, plenty to last the evening

*Alcohol is not included and must be purchased by the client. Get 10% off your liquor purchases an 15% off wine when you purchase at Ashe’s and mention that it’s for a Libacious class. Choose your alcohol based on their incredible craft cocktail menu below!


Winter Gimlet

This classic blend of gin and house-made lime cordial gets winter-ready with a garnish of woodsy rosemary 

Pearman’s Toddy

Fragrant gin is heated with cinnamon and Angostura bitters for a toddy designed to perk you up instead of putting you to sleep


Applejack & Tonic

Jack Rudy tonic paired with robust apple brandy makes a gorgeous long drink for the cold months that’s as American as, well, apple liquor


New York Sour

One show-stopper of a drink: whiskey and lemon get a texture boost from a silky layer of foam, and it’s all dressed up with a vibrant, fruity dry red wine float

Irish Coffee

Warm up with the timeless combination of caffeine and alcohol, finished with a rich, creamy float

Peppermint Tea Julep

Skip the mounds of crushed ice and sip your julep hot—excellent for chasing away winter blahs 



The classic daiquiri hangs up its summer gear, swapping in aged rum and finishing with a dramatic red wine float

Corduroy Daiquiri 

Grapefruit, lime, and funky Jamaican rum get punched up with a house-made blend of spices


Winter Paloma 

This famously refreshing combination of tequila and grapefruit gains body and floral notes from house-made grapefruit cordial, plus earthy fragrance from a rosemary garnish


Pear-Vanilla Bellini

Your best brunch buddy dressed in floral vanilla and sweet pear, garnished with aromatic sage leaf

Campari Spritz

Bring the sunshine indoors by enhancing your bubbly with vibrantly colored, famously bittersweet Campari 


Moscow Mule

A crowd-pleasing mix of vodka, lime and spicy ginger beer, garnished with our house brandied cherries 

Bloody Mary 

Fortify your brunch with our house Mary mix and a stout garnish of rosemary-skewered olives

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