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DIY Anywhere Textile Necklace Workshop

DIY Anywhere workshops are typically provided during private, pre-booked, group workshops, but everyyyyy once in a while you’ll see a one-off version of their workshops pop up so you can experience the different activities without needing an occasion to book for a full group.

What’s so awesome about the textile necklace workshop? Well, first of all, there are TONS of ways you can interpret the original design to make this necklace your very own. Second of all, materials are super inexpensive so you can pretty much go right home and make these babes for all your friends and loved ones at very little monetary cost. Or, you know, you could just make yourself a bunch!


  • Soft cotton rope

  • Embroidery floss (so many colors to choose from!)

  • Fabric adhesive

  • Darning needle