DIY Anywhere is the brainchild of Ryan-Ashley Anderson — founder of Smart + Becker — who wanted to create a new way for people to DIY together, anywhere.

After teaching workshops to people for over 15 years covering a range of topics including but not limited to knitting, needle-felting, jewelry-making, embroidery, visible mending, and block printing, she realized there was a huge need for pre-packaged DIY parties for groups of people who already know each other (or who are just getting to know each other) and are looking for a way to spend time together without (always) having to be at a bar.

DIY Anywhere is bonding while making, and we make the whole thing easy by providing several flexible venue options, partnering with people like Libacious to create special add-ons, and designing workshops that are fun, cool, and that are easy enough for you to go home afterward and do it over and over again!

But an idea is just an idea without people. So learn about the whole team below and then stay tuned for in-depth spotlights on each one of them on the blog (launching soon!) to learn more about their individual talents and interests.

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Daje is the Marketing Director at Carpetbag Theater, a musician and poet, and an incredible photographer. Almost 100% of the DIYA photography is done by her and we are so lucky to have her talents on board.

Daje is also the founder of Founding Space, which produces workshops, events, and conversations that help multi-passionate creators find their place.

Book her for consultations, creative services, or sign up for one of her eye-opening workshops by contacting her at hello@founding.space




Delaney is a studio artist who shares her skills all over the country through exhibitions, workshops, and residencies. She works both in textiles and sculpture (among many other things!) and this hands-on experience greatly informs her graphic design work.

Delaney instantly absorbed and improved the DIYA vision and aesthetic and is super excited to be directing the aesthetic vision of the brand to bring our students and clients the best possible DIY experience around.

Book an exhibition or graphic design project by contacting her at info@delaneysmithstudio.com

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Ryan-Ashley is the founder of DIYA and Smart + Becker in Knoxville, TN and she is passionate about creating jobs and helping artists develop into entrepreneurs.

She operates her freelance marketing business, hosts creative events and workshops, and holds artist pop-ups and exhibitions in the S+B bricks-and-mortar space, and travels all over the southeast repping her artists and giving talks/workshops on social branding for artists and creatives. Contact her for booking at info@smartandbeckercreative.com

DIY Anywhere was designed to bring DIY everywhere. If you live in a city outside of Knoxville and would like to bring our program to your area, please contact us at hello@diyanywhere.com. We’d love to talk to you about your future!